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Golden comet

Golden Comet is a minigame in Fredbear and Friends: Left To Rot.


Golden Comet is a minigame played in the 8-bit Atari style, reminiscent of the death minigames in the mainline FNaF games. It is in full colour and features Bonnie in a spacesuit shooting pizzas with a bazooka that launches Bonnie plushes.


Golden Comet is played only once during the main game, as part of the Training Tapes. The player is asked to play the arcade game to make sure it works, at which point the minigame begins. The player must shoot down pizzas that fly horizontally towards Bonnie to rack up a high score. Being hit by a pizza gives an immediate game over. The gun must be reloaded by moving Bonnie to the floating ammo crate on the left of the screen. Bonnie will spawn without a gun so one must be picked up from the ammo crate before the pizzas attack.

The game is also playable from the Extras menu after achieving the Tragic Ending. If the player reaches a specific high score, they will be given a code which is used to unlock the Good Ending.

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The code is 1975, and this is given once the player reaches a high score of 1975.


  • Golden Comet is the partner game to Sneaky Guy.
  • The name Golden Comet presumably refers to Bonnie's colour.