Rodger is an antagonist in Fredbear and Friends: Left To Rot.


Rodger is a short stocky mouse animatronic. In toy form he appears wearing a light blue fedora and sports a demented smile. He also has a winding mechanism on his back and solid white pupils. In his full sized form he is extremely withered and torn, with holes in his ears and multiple rows of sharp teeth.


Rodger is first encountered in Test Room 01 alongside Nightmare Mousiki. The player will need to keep the Rodger toy on the left door wound up, as allowing the toy to wind down will result in Rodger jumping out of the right hand door and jumpscaring the player, causing a game over. The player's vision will flicker as the toy winds down as a warning.

Rodger is also one of the potentially active animatronics in Custom Room. His AI can be set from 1 - 20, or set to 0 to completely disable him. He will appear in the right hallway and is repelled by winding the toy in the office, similar to his pattern in Test Room 01. Neglecting to do this will cause Rodger to jumpscare the player.


  • It is presumed that, like the other animatronics featured in Custom Room, that Rodger is the name of the child possessing the animatronic rather than the name of the animatronics itself, however this has not been revealed.
  • Rodger is the only animatronic not to have a solo appearance in the extras menu, appearing only alongside Nightmire Mousiki.
  • Rodger, Nightmare Mousiki and MAX are the only animatronics to wear clothes.