Security Bonnie is an antagonist in Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot.


Security Bonnie is an altered version of Bonnie. He has a plastic appearing outer suit with no eyes or teeth in his mouth, and he appears not to have a visible endoskeleton. Unlike the other security animatronic Bonnie has visible eyebrows and carries an axe in his right hand. His overall design seems to resemble Nightmare Bonnie from the fourth game.


Security bonnie door

Security Bonnie at the Office door

Security Bonnie is active during The Final Test alongside Security Fredbear, Security Freddy and Suit and begins on the Mock Stage. Security Bonnie hides behind the door to the right side of the office and will occasionally peek into the office. The player needs to hold CTRL to pick up a set of cables and move them over to Bonnie to shock him and drive him off. Failing to do this in time will cause Security Bonnie to dodge the taser, and after 5 seconds, jumpscares the player, resulting in a game over.

Custom Room

Security Bonnie is one of the potentially active animatronics in Custom Room. His AI can be set from 1-20, or set to 0 to completely disable him. If active, Security Bonnie will appear on the second television, leaning into the doorway. To repel his attack, the player has to click "Shock" to disable him. Failing to do this in time will also result in a jumpscare and a game over.


  • Security Bonnie is the only security animatronic to have facial features, being his eyebrows.
  • The Custom Room screen reveals the spirit possessing Security Bonnie is known as Mark.
  • Security Bonnie can be seen on the Custom Room "Game Over" screen along with Security Fredbear and Security Freddy, stuffing the player inside Suit.
  • Security Bonnie is the only security animatronic to use his weapon (prop) for both of his jumpscares


The Final Test

Custom Room