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Sneaky guy

Sneaky Guy is a minigame in Fredbear and Friends: Left To Rot.


Sneaky Guy is a minigame played in the 8-bit Atari style, reminiscent of the death minigames in the mainline FNaF games. It is fully in greyscale, and the majority of the screens are minimalistic with no decorations. The game is overlaid by heavy static, especially as the timer runs out. The player controls Fredbear as he moves from room to room set to tense 8-bit music.


Sneaky Guy is played only once during the main game, as part of the Training Tapes. The player is asked to play the arcade game to make sure it works, however the game fades to static after only a couple of seconds. This is scripted to happen and the game is deemed unplayable.

The game is also playable from the Extras menu after achieving the Tragic Ending. If the player plays Sneaky Guy from the extras menu and uses the code given in the Tragic Ending a piece of the code needed to access the true ending can be uncovered.

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The player is given the code < < ^ ^ < ^ on the last screen of the Tragic Ending, which is used during Sneaky Guy. If the player moves between room in the same order as the code, the last screen will allow the player to phase through the wall for the last upwards movement, giving access to a hidden office. If the player has enough time remaining on the clock, the number 32 will appear in the bottom right of the screen before the static obscures it and the game ends as normal. This is part of the code required to get the Good Ending.


  • The player is not able to access the secret room during the playthrough in the Training Tapes, even if the player is already aware of the sequence to unlock the room.
  • Sneaky Guy is a partner game to Golden Comet.