Storage is the second room of Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot. It is a sublocation of Fredbear's Family Diner. It is unlocked immediately after beating Observatory and the only active animatronic is MAX.


Storage is a large empty storage hanger. The room is barely lit, with the only light being above MAX's stage. The room can be entered normally, but the only exit is an electronically powered door connected to the elevator which leads to the undergrounds testing rooms. MAX's stage is across from the player behind a set of curtains, and sets of large storage crates can be seen during the initial entrance in which the player collects unseen files as evidence from the boxes. The actual contents of these files are unknown.


Max lift

MAX behind his curtains

The player needs to click and hold on the control panel to the right of the door to charge it enough to open it and escape. While the player is doing this MAX will peek out between the curtains on his stage. The player can use the light above his stage to check on MAX's progress, and has a controller with a button on it labeled MAX that can be used to close his curtains to prevent his escape. If MAX is neglected for too long he will jump out of the curtains and jumpscare the player, resulting in a game over. Once the door is charged enough it will open and the room will automatically end.

Once the player has finished charging the door they will be given the next of the Training Tapes and will move on to Test Room 01.


At the beginning of Storage, Phone Guy will give the following dialogue:

"Good job. The first of the security animatronics should have been deactivated. Now, head to the storage room, which is behind the first door you see in that dark hallway. There are some... items that we have seen in that facility from the pictures taken, so hopefully they just happen to still be there. Collect them and try to go through the door on the right side of the storage room. Once you've gotten through I'll contact you again. Good luck."


  • The storage crates seen during the initial entrance do not appear in the actual gameplay.
  • Storage is the only room in which the player is attacked by only a single animatronic.
  • The safe containing the item needed for the 321975 Ending is found to the left of the entrance door of Storage.