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Suit in an antagonist and the final boss of Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot.


Suit is a presumably empty Freddy Fazbear suit. He shows no signs of damage and no visible endoskeleton, indicating that he is either an unused or very new suit. He is essentially identical to Freddy however he is missing his signature microphone and has glowing, human-like eyes.


Suit is first encountered at the end of Test Room 02. When the player attempts to leave through he door labeled EXIT he will attack from the shadows and incapacitate the player. This is scripted and unavoidable. Suit is active during The Final Test alongside Security Fredbear, Security Freddy and Security Bonnie. He will begin on the Mock Stage and will slowly make his way towards the player's office. The player must monitor his progress on the cameras and, if his eyes are closed, press the RETURN key to repel him. Failing to do so in time will cause Suit to progress towards the office and he will jumpscare the player if he reaches the office, causing a game over. Suit will also ignore the RETURN key if it is pressed while his eyes are glowing.

Suit backstage

Suit backstage with his eyes closed

Suit is encountered at the end of The Final Test before receiving the ending. He will appear in front of the player, who will be prompted to administer when is presumably a controlled shock using his controller. The player's actions during this scene will determine the ending received.

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If the player has not retrieved the missing button from the safe, the player will be unable to shock Suit and he will attack, giving the Tragic Ending. If the player has the button the controller will be repaired and can be used to repel Suit, giving the Good Ending.

Suit is also one of the potentially active animatronics in Custom Room. His AI can be set from 1 - 20, or set to 0 to completely disable him. If he is active he will appear on one of the two screen on Monitor 3 in the office. The player must determine which screen he is on and press the button labeled ADVANCE to repel him. Failing to do so in time will result in a jumpscare, causing a game over. Suit will also potentially appear in the ending of Custom Room.

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The implication is that the player character in Custom Room is trying to send Suit to attack the character played during the main game, and that the Mock Office is part of The Final Test's location. If the player manages to complete the Ultimate Revenge challenge and successfully avoid the bumps in the road while driving away, the player will receive the final ending of Custom Room which shows the player character trapped inside Suit and hanged by the neck from the ceiling surrounded by the now empty animatronics which have had their spirits freed by getting their revenge.


  • Suit is one of two animatronics during Custom Room that do not have a human name associated with them, the other being Prototype. This indicates that Suit is not possessed, although his ability to move around is not explained.
  • Suit is described as being "Your Suit" during Custom Room, referring to the player character.


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